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Online Training Institute

Online Training Institute

Welcome to the Online Training Institute! As part of our training and capacity building resources, we’ve prioritized developing online tools that are accessible to people across the country to support self-paced learning for all skill levels. We have heard from providers that due to time, cost, and geographic distances that it isn’t always possible to access training resources, especially for new staff who are starting in a fast-paced environment. We offer these online modules to supplement and support training new team members and community stakeholders in the basics.

Online Courses

Our first three online training modules focus on the core of harm reduction principles, approaches, and strategies. Our team worked with providers and community members to develop the content of the training, including the photos and video vignettes. These videos are intended to build a foundation of understanding for people who are newer to harm reduction work. While the online training modules can be taken in any order, we recommend starting with the Foundations of Harm Reduction to enhance the understanding of Overdose Prevention and Engaging with People Who Use Drugs.

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Foundations of Harm Reduction

By the end of this course, you'll have a basic foundation of the harm reduction approach to drug use and sex work and how to apply the principles of harm reduction in every day work.

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Overdose Prevention & Response

By the end of this course, you'll have a basic foundation of opioid overdose risks and strategies to reduce overdose in your community.

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Engaging People Who Use Drugs

By the end of this course, you'll have a foundation in understanding the harm reduction approach, how stigma impacts access and engagement in services, and practical strategies you can adopt to promote effective communication with people who use drugs.

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What level are these online modules? The first three online modules are intended to be for an audience that is newer to harm reduction as a concept, with each of the modules becoming more complex and applied skills building.

How long are the online modules? The online training modules include videos, quizzes, exploring images, and reflection components which means that the amount of time it will take will depend on the person. These courses are typically completed within 45 to 75 minutes. You may bookmark the training modules and come back to the session at any time by logging into your account.

Will I get a certificate at the completion of my training? Yes.

Once I complete the training, will I be able to access them in the future? Yes! Once you create an account for at least one of the training modules, you will be able to view the modules via our website platform for as long as they exist.

Can I download the courses to use at a later time? All courses are accessible via our website platform and cannot be downloaded as files.

Are CME’s available for these courses? Unfortunately CMEs are not available for these courses at this time.

Can you view the online modules as a group? The online modules are intended for individual use and include a variety of tasks (quizzes, personal reflection) that may be very challenging for a group setting. You cannot skip sections in the online modules and therefore accessing the trainings as a group may take a long time or be challenging. Technically you could project the trainings and do them as a small group if you were on a budget, but it is not ideal.

Will additional online modules be offered in the future? Our goal is to continue to build out online resources that are accessible to people across the country. While we’re not currently producing new modules, if you join our email list you’ll be first to know when we have new modules available!

How do I log into my account? If you have previously registered for the Online Training Institute, but since forgotten how to log back in, click here.

How do I reset my password? If you have forgotten your password you can reset it here, using your email address or username.

How can I get a receipt for my purchase? Receipts are emailed at the time of purchase. Please check your inbox and your spam folder.

Who was consulted in the making of these online modules? The online modules were supported and produced in collaboration with a variety of community partners. Our team worked with the California Department of Public Health, HIV Education & Prevention Project of Alameda County, Homeless Youth Alliance, and the San Francisco Drug Users Union on content and video. Photos and additional videos were provided specifically for this project by Harm Reduction Action Center, HIPS, Indiana Recovery Alliance, Chicago Recovery Alliance, LA Community Health Project, Iowa Harm Reduction Coalition, VOCAL New York, Washington Heights CORNER Project, Trystereo, Harm Reduction Services Sacramento, Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction, Open Aid Alliance, OASIS Clinic, and BMORE Power. The e-learning modules were produced by Ripe Media, Inc. Video and audio production provided by Sawbuck Productions. Thank you to all of our community partners for participating!

For any additional questions relating to the Online Training Institute please contact hrc [@] harmreduction.org

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