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Syringe Access Videos

A selection of videos related to syringe access – including program development, safety issues, program success, policy and advocacy. Thanks to our allies for creating and sharing these videos!

The Exchange- Help Us End the BanThe Exchange: Help Us End the Ban

amfAR (2013): The Exchange is about the public health value of syringe exchange programs and the importance of ending the ban on federal funding for syringe exchange.


A Light in the DarkA Light in the Dark

Open Society Institute: A moving short film on the core values of needle exchange programs and relevant to any program in any country.  People who use drugs often face stigma and discrimination when trying to get basic health care. Based in St. Petersburg—a city where 70% of HIV cases are the result of injecting drug use—the Humanitarian Action Fund fights for the health and human rights of injecting drug users, as well as other marginalized groups such as sex workers, migrants, and street children

The Risks of the JobThe Risks of the Job: Protecting Law Enforcement from Needle Stick Injuries

CA DPH, Office of AIDS: Made in cooperation with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), this educational documentary explains how officers can reduce the risk of infection by needle sticks on the job. LAPD officers visit a needle exchange on their beat and explore the ways that Needle Exchange Programs help keep law enforcement officers and their communities safer.

SFDPH SYRINGE ACCESS & DISPOSALSyringe Access & Disposal for Law Enforcement

San Francisco Department of Public Health: Great training video for the police; also useful tool for explaining SEPs to anyone.


Law Enforcement and Allies Support Syringe Decriminalization in North CarolinaLaw Enforcement and Allies Support Syringe Decriminalization in North Carolina

North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition: Syringe decriminalization in North Carolina, which would cost nothing, would protect law enforcement from needlesticks, protect diabetics, make communities safer, reduce HIV and hepatitis C, reduce the burden of public health expenses, and is supported by the results of a 2012 poll of 61 law enforcement departments across the state and other studies.

Law Enforcement Harm Reduction Training-1Law Enforcement Harm Reduction Training – Part 1
Law Enforcement Harm Reduction Training – Part 2

Sonny Leeper: A brief training designed by law enforcement for law enforcement emphasizing the benefits of syringe access programs to street-deployed law enforcement officers, their families and the greater community.

Clean Needles Save LivesClean Needles Save Lives – Needle Exchange in the US

HCLU & Harm Reduction Coalition: An overview of the value and successes of syringe access. Please note that this video was made when the federal ban on funding was briefly lifted, and as of February 2013 is again in place.

HIV shoots upHIV Shoots Up

BMJ Media: Strict laws on the criminalization of drug use and drug users are fuelling the spread of HIV and other serious harms associated with the criminal market and should be reviewed, say experts. In this video, epidemiologist Elizabeth Pisani and other leading commentators describe which countries are leading the way in tackling HIV infection among injecting drug users.

To Do No HarmTo Do No Harm

Charles Sessoms: Groundbreaking documentary examines plight and history of needle exchange programs in Massachusetts and beyond.



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