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Funding Ban Campaign Materials

Funding Ban Activists in Philadelphia, April 2009

             Activists in Philadelphia, April 2009

For over 20 years, advocates for syringe access services have fought to have the federal funding ban on syringe access services lifted. Despite a brief reprieve between 2009 and 2011, the ban IS back in place and the struggle continues.

The following materials can be used in your efforts to fight the ban. There are also archived materials from past struggles.

Click on the titles to download the materials.

Lobbying Packet and Materials 2012
Archived Materials from Past Campaigns

While many of these resources may need to be updated to reflect the current struggle, we believe that they hold historical reference and lessons to carry the current fight against the ban forward.

Basic Citizen Lobbying Packet, 2008 – Complete 8 page print-out includes one page basic fact sheet on federal ban; syringe exchange medical & scientific supporters; the science behind syringe exchange, and recent press on the need to lift the federal ban.  This packet provides a good model for future legislative advocacy. Create a similar packet to bring to your representatives.

Fact sheet on Federal Ban – A dense all-in-one double-sided fact sheet

Federal ban talking points – For use when conducting meetings and gathering general support for the campaign.

Fact sheet on hepatitis C and syringe exchange

Talking points for fiscal conservatives – Created by Drug Policy Alliance

Letter from Rep Serrano on CAHP Act, January 2009 –  Letter from Rep Serrano seeking co-sponsors

Sign-on letter to President Obama, February 2009 – Request letter to the President to call upon Congress to lift the federal funding ban on syringe exchange

“Dear Colleague” letter, June 2008 – This letter circulated by Rep Cummings (MD-D) and Rep Castle (DE-R) and received 55 sign-ons from Members of Congress asking House leadership to lift the ban. It was delivered June 18, 2008.

Organizational Sign-on letter in support of the Serrano bill to lift the federal ban (the CAHP Act)

Talking with Your Legislator – Helpful tips for setting up and conducting meetings  (from the Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest)

A sign-on letter to Congress – Created for Black AIDS Awareness Day February 7, 2008

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