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Policy & Advocacy

This section features updates on current policy struggles related to syringe access, and an archive of resources from past campaigns.

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Update on the federal ban on funding for syringe access: In 2009, after 20 years of hard work, syringe access advocates won a huge victory when the ban on use of federal funding for syringe access was finally lifted…and then, in 2011 – it was reinstated. While this is a definite setback for harm reduction, we have fought the ban before, and we can do it again.

Policy Briefs and Reports

A collection of Harm Reduction Coalition policy statements, evaluations and recommendations.

Fact Sheets

View and download fact sheets documenting the effectiveness of syringe access.

Funding Ban Campaign Materials

A collection of advocacy materials from past campaigns to end the funding ban. These materials are provided as a record of past work, and to provide guidance for ongoing advocacy now that the ban is back in place.
Syringe access landscape, 2010 for USCA

This presentation was given by our Policy Director, Daniel Raymond, at the US Conference on AIDS in 2010. Some things have changed – the biggest being the federal ban on funding for syringe access being reinstated in 2011 – but, it provides important context nonetheless.

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