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Syringe Access

This section is dedicated to research on syringe access. This collection of studies, papers and bibliographies is not comprehensive, but rather meant to highlight important milestones and provide context for future research. Older documents will continue to be updated in the coming months.

SEP Research Update 2008
A review of select United States-based research published since 2006 on syringe exchange, injection drug use, and HIV and hepatitis C.

Science-based literature on Syringe Exchange Programs: 1996 – 2007
A grid and narrative summary of science-based literature on syringe exchange programs (SEPs) from 1996-2007 documenting that SEPs reduce HIV transmission, do NOT promote substance abuse, and DO increase enrollment in drug treatment.

Syringe Exchange Program Studies by SAMHSA
A list of research studies on syringe exchange compiled by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

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