Quality refers to how pure, or strong, a drug is. The content and purity of street drugs is always unpredictable.  They are often “cut” with other drugs or materials that can be dangerous.  You can’t tell how pure your drugs are from looking at it, and purity levels are always changing, which means you can do a shot that’s a lot stronger than what you are used to and put yourself at risk of an overdose. Same goes for prescription drugs—while we may know the contents of the pill and the dosage, we may not know how strong one type of pill is compared to another of a similar type. For example an Oxycontin is not the same as a Vicodin, even though both are in the opioid family. Knowing the strength and understanding dosage when taking pills is as important as knowing the strength and purity of street drugs like heroin.

Prevention Tips:

  • Test the strength of the drug before you do the whole amount.
  • Try to buy from the same dealer so you have a better idea of what you’re getting,
  • Talk to others who have copped from the same dealer.
  • Know the pills you’re taking
  • Be careful when switching from one type of opioid pill to another
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