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Drug Overdose Prevention & Education (DOPE) Project: San Francisco


In December 2001, the Drug Overdose Prevention & Education (DOPE) Project began performing overdose education in San Francisco shelters, jails, treatment programs, and single room occupancy hotels and at syringe access programs. Since November 2003 the DOPE Project has coordinated distribution of naloxone via SF service providers. In June 2005, the DOPE Project became a program of Harm Reduction Coalition.

Currently, the DOPE Project is the largest single-city naloxone distribution program in the country, responsible for training over 13,000 people in San Francisco (with that number growing every day!). People who use drugs, their loved ones, and surrounding community are responsible for reversing on average 1,500 overdoses a year with DOPE Project naloxone.

DOPE Project memorial at San Francisco City Hall for International Overdose Awareness Day

Service Provider & Business Trainings

The DOPE Project offers a basic and comprehensive training on overdose for staff of San Francisco service providers working with people who use drugs who may be at risk of overdose. We also provide those trainings to staff of businesses, bars, nightlife venues, and parties/festivals to ensure they are prepared in the event they witness an overdose either inside their business, or just outside. This training includes how to recognize an overdose, what puts people at risk for an overdose, how to respond to an overdose with naloxone, how to develop a protocol for overdose response and policy implementation, and what the context and current trends are around overdose in San Francisco. Please contact DOPE Project Manager Kristen Marshall at marshall [AT] harmreduction.org to schedule one of these trainings.

Citywide Naloxone Distribution & Bystander Trainings in San Francisco

The DOPE Project coordinates the distribution of naloxone to people who use drugs and their family, friends and other possible overdose bystanders in San Francisco, CA. We do this by working closely with programs in San Francisco who provide services directly to people who use drugs, including all SF Syringe Access programs, Jail Health Services, and other community-based organizations to ensure that they are able to distribute naloxone easily to those who need it most using an on-demand model.

If you are someone who could benefit from engaging with a harm reduction/syringe access program, (i.e. you are someone who engages in a street drug supply and/or experiencing homelessness or a severe lack of access to resources) and want a free injectable naloxone kit, you can download both San Francisco’s citywide schedule here or the greater Bay Area schedule here. If you have any questions about which sites may be most relevant for you and your needs, please feel free to email us at dope [AT] harmreduction.org.

If you are a concerned community member who wants to be prepared in case you witness an overdose and/or want a free nasal naloxone kit, please go the CBHS Pharmacy at 1380 Howard (at 10th Street), Monday – Friday 9:00am – 3:30pm, to receive a free training and kit. You can download our CBHS flyer here.

The DOPE Project distributes injectable naloxone kits at syringe access sites. The kits come in a plastic Fitpak, and include naloxone vials, intramuscular syringes and an educational brochure.

Know Overdose Campaign

The DOPE Project collaborated with people who use drugs to develop guidance and community-specific messaging to expand overdose prevention education in a way that centered people who are most at risk, highlighting the lifesavers of San Francisco: people who use drugs. View the campaign here.

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