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Manuals & Best Practice Guides

hrc_hcv_brochure_text1 hrc_hcv_brochure_spanish_text1Hepatitis C Basics for People Who Use Drugs

This brochure explains the basics of Hepatitis C, including information about testing, treatment, transmission and prevention for people who inject drugs and for people who take drugs through other routes of administration.  This brochure is available in both English and Spanish.






 HCV Support GroupsHepatitis C Support Groups for Drug Users: Facilitators Manual

This guide was developed with the collective input of syringe exchange participants and service providers actively involved in hepatitis C (HCV) support groups throughout New York City.

Also available in Spanish.


Frontline Hepatitis C Training
A 3-Session Curriculum For Syringe Exchange Peer Outreach Workers

This workshop curriculum introduces basic concepts about outreach work, peer education, and hepatitis C using a standard format.

Also available in Spanish.


Hepatitis C Counseling Best Practices Manual

This Hepatitis C Counseling Manual is written for practitioners/workers that will be providing needle exchange participants Hepatitis C testing and discussing risk reduction strategies. These are guidelines that assume a basic understanding of the Hepatitis C Virus and its medical consequences.




Manuals from HCV Advocate

HCV Advocate is an excellent resource on all things hepatitis C! Check out their great selection of manuals on guides covering a range of specialized topics related to hepatitis C.


Reducing the Risks of HCV ManualReducing the Risks of Hepatitis C for People Who Use Crack or Crystal Methamphetamine

Produced by the The Ontario Needle Exchange Network: Provided skill-based knowledge related to hepatitis C prevention, testing, treatment and how to support those with a chronic infection. It also provides background information on the safer use of crack and crystal methamphetamine.

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