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Donald Davis, Kentucky Harm Reduction Coalition

HepConnect is a regional initiative that focuses on the intersection of hepatitis C and drug use in five key states: Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Thanks to the generous support of Gilead Sciences, Harm Reduction Coalition will serve as HepConnect’s lead organization. Under the HepConnect Initiative, Harm Reduction Coalition will make investments through grant-making in building program capacity and supporting targeted outreach and education, provide on-the-ground technical assistance, and convene stakeholders to strengthen local, state, and regional partnerships.

We spent much of 2018 working on how to change the way to do our work. For many years, we have heard from our partners on the ground that they need more than just technical assistance, capacity building, and support on policy advocacy. You have been very clear, you need resources and boots on the ground. As we presented our new strategic priorities during our national conference, we heard again that in order to build the harm reduction movement and center the voices of people who use drugs, we must find ways to strengthen and expand local programs. We need to focus on the intersections of overdose, hepatitis C, and syringe access by centering directly impacted members of our communities. We are so excited to announce the launch of HepConnect, a new initiative that allows Harm Reduction Coalition to invest deeply in five key states to expand service capacity and build our movement! You can watch the national launch of the HepConnect featuring our Executive Director Monique Tula and a follow up conversation with Donald Davis of Kentucky Harm Reduction Coalition about the initiative.

Read more about why our team and why our partners in the five states are excited about this initiative!

“This is an exciting turning point for the national Harm Reduction Coalition that redefines the way we do our work. As the lead organization for the HepConnect initiative, we are committed to ensuring these resources generate maximum impact by reaching organizations and programs operating on the front lines. As the National Harm Reduction Coalition, we’ll bring our 25 year history of advocating alongside people who use drugs to deepen harm reduction work in Greater Appalachia centering the voices of people with lived experience.”

– Monique Tula, Executive Director

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Upcoming Events


On April 25th we launched the HepConnect initiative in Louisville followed by a community listening session to hear from providers about funding priorities and needs.

Emma Roberts, Director of Capacity Building Services, launches HepConnect Kentucky
Donald Davis, Kentucky Harm Reduction Coalition, panelist HepConnect launch
Community listening session following the launch

To read more about HepConnect in Kentucky, click here.


Save the Date for May 14th from 9am-11am in Indianapolis! Please RSVP here.


Save the Date for May 23rd from 9am-11am in Nashville! RSVP here.

West Virginia:

Save the Date for June 5th in Morgantown!

North Carolina:

Save the date for June 13th in Raleigh!

Request For Proposals

Be sure to sign up for our e-mail list to stay connected to the funding announcement. We expect to open up applications at the end of June 2019 and will allow at least 4 weeks to submit proposals.

Jobs with HepConnect

We’re hiring for multiple positions to support the HepConnect initiative that are based in the five states. Please click here to review open positions.

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