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Drug-Related Stigma

For individuals who use or have a history of using drugs, the impact of stigma can permeate nearly every aspect of their life – including relationships with family, friends, employers and health care providers. While a great number of expectations are often placed on drug users to change their behaviors, the social context that creates and reinforces drug-related stigma is rarely explored or further – challenged.

Harm Reduction Coalition Training Curricula

Understanding Drug Related Stigma

This training was created and designed to educate service providers and others about the different, complex elements of drug-related stigma. It is meant to challenge participants to explore the ways in which we all both perpetuate and have the power to challenge drug-related stigma. Includes: Facilitator’s Guide, Slides, Participant Reader and video clip.

Improving Health Care with Drug Users

Drug-related stigma has had a significant negative impact on relationships between people who use drugs and healthcare providers/institutions.  This participatory training is designed to help non-clinical service providers engage with their drug using clients around issues related to health care.  Among the tools offered is a one-hour workshop curriculum for use with drug-using participants to help them build stronger relationships with health care providers. Includes: Facilitator’s Guide (for both the provider and client workshops), Slides, Participant Reader.

Additional Documents & Resources:

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