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Drug Information & Safer Drug Use

Important: Health Warning about Injecting OPANA ER®
Straight Dope Education Series

The Straight Dope Education Series was created to provide accurate information about drugs so that people can make rational, safer and informed decisions about their drug use.  Written by drug users, for drug users. Current publications in the series include: Heroin, Cocaine and Speed.

Synthetic Cannabinoids – K2/Spice

There has been a lot of questions about “K2 or spice” in the past couple of years.  These are common names for synthetic cannabinoids, or chemicals that were created to resemble the effects of marijuana.

Bath Salts Resources

We’ve been hearing a lot about “bath salts” lately. We’re in the process of putting together some harm reduction tips and strategies, but in the meantime – here are some links that we’ve found to learn more about bath salts and mephedrone – the synthetic stimulant that they contain.

Safer Injection Materials

Educational materials from Harm Reduction Coalition and friends teaching safer injection strategies. Feel free to tailor these tools to your needs or use as is.

Drug Detection Times

A rough guide to how long different types of drugs can be detected by drug screening.

Useful Links and Resources

There are so many groups doing great harm reduction work, we want to share some links here. This list is by no means exhaustive, so please let us know if we’re missing something.

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