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Harm Reduction Champions

Have you or your community been impacted by overdose? Are you looking for a way to contribute to compassionate, evidence-based strategies to curb the overdose crisis but don’t have time to volunteer?

Join the Harm Reduction Champion Community! Harm Reduction Champions is a monthly giving community dedicated to advancing our mission by supporting and sustaining our work.

Harm Reduction Champion is a community – Champions will have the opportunity to connect with experts in the field at donor-specific events and curated networking opportunities, as well as get the scoop on new initiatives and trends as they emerge.

Harm Reduction Champion is for everyone – like harm reduction, all are welcome. We welcome monthly giving from as small as $1 a month to $100. For all who donate $5/month, we will send you a brand new Harm Reduction Champion t-shirt.

What Are You Supporting?

$5/month – Sustain

You care about harm reduction and want to help sustain it by investing in our training institutes, biennial national conference, and various resources created for harm reduction groups around the country.

$25/month – Build

You want to see rapid response to emerging trends in drug use, expanding syringe access, and overdose prevention in all 50 states including Puerto Rico by doubling-down on our existing work. 

$50/month – Grow

You are invested in Harm Reduction Coalition’s existing work, but also want to see the movement grow by centering the leadership of people who use drugs through leadership training, training specific to organizational development, regional conferences, new online training modules, and mentorship programs.

$100/month Innovate

You are invested in expanding Harm Reduction Coalition’s work and the movement, but also want to contribute to creative and innovative approaches to improving the health and well-being of people most vulnerable to structural violence. 

Hear From Other Harm Reduction Champions

My support for Harm Reduction Coalition comes from a personal passion for harm reduction prompted by the witnessing the struggle of loved ones and losing them to overdose. There will always be people, regardless of age, gender, race, and circumstance, who will use drugs. These people are deserving of love, respect, and resources for safety and survival, without judgment. Organizations like Harm Reduction Coalition make survival possible for our loved ones and for anyone who uses drugs”. Danielle Shorr

“Harm reduction programs have been a huge part of my recovery, and my learning to live in balance. I learned a lot of emotional skills that still serve me today. It was incredible to be met where I was at, with no shaming, and to be honored and treated kindly. Even if you disagree with drug use, you can still support the harm reduction approach as a way to dignify and support the human being who uses substances.” – Josiah Johnson

Not Ready to Give Monthly?

Any questions? Please contact Nancy Nwaifejokwu, Director of Development, nwaifejokwu [@] harmreduction.org or 212-377-9130.

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