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After the Storm

In a late night vote, our allies in the Senate were successful in blocking the legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act, putting an end for now to months of attacks by the Trump Administration and Congressional Republicans on the fundamental right to health care.

This defeat would not have been possible without an extensive organizing effort to hold Congress accountable for the consequences of depriving tens of millions of people of health care coverage. We are deeply grateful to the harm reduction community for rising to this challenge: when we and our partners sounded the alarm, you responded and mobilized. Your calls, your commitment, your voice made a difference.

We thank our allies in the substance use, HIV, hepatitis C, and homelessness communities for their leadership and courage and solidarity in this fight. Working together has made us all stronger.

We know that there will be future battles around health care, and more work to be done in ensuring quality, affordable health care for all. Harm Reduction Coalition stands ready to join in that work.

For today, we invite you to celebrate with us. It is particularly fitting that the clouds have parted on World Hepatitis Day, as access to hepatitis C treatment remains a central issue for people who use drugs and a reminder of what is at stake.

We will need to call again upon your advocacy, your stories, and your inspiration in the months to come. But today, you have our gratitude and respect – there’s no one we’d rather fight alongside than the harm reduction community.

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