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Florida Syringe Exchange Bill Moving and Needs Your Help!

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Your help is needed! Please take a few minutes to send a letter to your State Representative and State Senator asking for their support.


Medical students in Florida have initiated an effort, along with the Florida Medical Association, to finally legalize syringe exchange in Florida, one of remaining states that has persistently denied access to sterile injection equipment. State Representative Mark Pafford (D-West Palm Beach) and State Senator Gwen Margolis (D-Miami) have filed legislation that would create a pilot syringe exchange program in Miami/Dade County: House Bill 735 and Senate Bill 808, Needle and Syringe Exchange Program.

The goal of the program is to reduce the spread of blood-borne infections such as HIV and hepatitis B and C. The program also will save money, minimize the risk of needlestick injuries to law enforcement officers, and help chemically dependent individuals attain drug treatment help. Dozens of studies have demonstrated that syringe exchange programs help prevent infection by reducing the re-use and circulation of injecting equipment without increasing drug use or resulting in other negative consequences.

You can review the amended version of HB 735 here.

To keep in touch with this important campaign, also visit the website http://www.cleanneedlescleanflorida.com

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