Orisha Bowers, PhD (she/her)

Executive Director


Orisha A. Bowers is the Executive Director at National Harm Reduction Coalition. holds a BFA, MA, MEd, PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies, a Graduate certificate in Women and Gender Studies and a Certificate in Complementary Alternative Medicine. Orisha has more than 15 years of experience in social services, nonprofit leadership, grants management, program design, and civic leadership. Orisha’s life work is centered on an intentional merging of women’s studies, education, interdisciplinarity and creativity, spirituality, healing, wellness, and movement. She uses scholarship and vocation to do healing work in communities of color in reproductive health, women’s issues, and communities of faith. Orisha, an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church. She combines a spiritual focus with the therapeutic disciplines of mindfulness dancing to offer the dynamic Dancing Mindfulness and other healing practices across the U.S.

Inspired by

I’m inspired by the passion, smiles, love, and joy of my family, friends, kin, and kindred.

Outraged by

I’m outraged by the overt hatred and inequity that exists in our global community.

Professional Affiliations/Accomplishments

POZ Magazine,

POZ 100 Honoree – Celebrating Black HIV Advocates     2021

The POZ 100 debuted in 2010. In hopes of supporting the work of HIV/AIDS advocates, POZ spotlighted 100 longtime warriors in the fight against the virus. POZ wanted to honor their service and provide them with recognition to inspire them to carry on.


American Association of University Women, (AAWU) Memphis Chapter

Memphis SHERO Award      2019                                           

AAWU promotes equity for women and girls in their education and self-development and positive society change in Memphis. Branch of national organization. The Memphis Shero Awards highlighted Memphis Women making a difference in the lives of other women and girls through their leadership, scholarship, and advocacy.


Rockwood Leadership Institute, Oakland, CA

Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice Fellowship        2018                                                          

Rockwood Leadership Institute provides personal transformative leadership practices and resources that connect  leaders in powerful networks to create a just, sustainable and equitable world. They are a proud  partner of the Funders for Reproductive Equity and offer a fellowship program to support leaders in the reproductive health, rights, and justice movement who are ready to partner with each other and build solid relationships that will turn the tide against policies threatening to take away one’s agency to control their sexual and reproductive lives.