Joann Gomez, (she/her)

Senior Director of Administration

Joann Gomez (she/her) is the Executive Assistant + Leadership Liaison at National Harm Reduction Coalition. Joann helps to identify areas where NHRC’s leaders should direct their focus as well as metrics for success. Joann’s superpower is speaking “business” and “people” to easily distill information to make sure the right people have the right information to execute. Joann is originally from The Bronx, NY and currently resides in Raleigh, NC. She enjoys documenting live music events, travel and being in community.

joann smiling with a yellow hue over the photo.

Inspired by

Love. Community. Music. Art. Friendship. Youth.

Outraged by

Hate. Inequality. Violence. Poverty.

Professional Affiliations/Accomplishments

MBA in Accounting/Human Resources from University of Phoenix

BS in Information Systems from Monroe College

Executive leader with a background in Executive Leadership and Board Management & Support, Accounting, and Operations, specializing in project management, change management, strategic planning, and technology implementation.