Daniel Raymond (he/him)

Deputy Director of Planning and Policy


Daniel Raymond (he/him) is the Deputy Director of Planning and Policy at the National Harm Reduction Coalition. With over two and a half decades of time invested at Harm Reduction Coalition, Daniel has dedicated his life’s work to expanding critical drug user health interventions, including overdose education and naloxone distribution, syringe access programs, medication-assisted treatment, HIV and hepatitis C care and treatment, and quality health care for people who use drugs. Daniel lives in New York City and enjoys cycling.

Inspired by

The passion and creativity of harm reductionists across the country

Outraged by

Stigma and criminalization

Professional Affiliations/Accomplishments

Chairs the Injection Drug Users Health Alliance and the Washington Heights CORNER Project Board of Trustees

Former chair of National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable Steering Committee

Served on NY Governor Cuomo’s Heroin and Opioid Task Force

Served on Food and Drugs Administration’s Antiviral Drug Advisory Committee

Served on American Medical Association Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement Hepatitis C Workgroup

Served on AASLD/IDSA Hepatitis C Guidance Panel