Carolina M. López (she/her)

Deputy Director of Administration and Finance

Carolina M. López (she/her) is the Deputy Director of Administration and Finance at the National Harm Reduction Coalition. Carolina is a strong proponent of a human rights-based approach to drug use and is dedicated to facilitating public health strategies that aim to counter the damage inflicted by the war on drugs and draconian legislation that has resulted in the mass incarceration of communities affected by systemic oppression. Carolina lives in the suburbs (*sigh*) of New York, with her family and has an extraordinary number of bananas for someone who doesn’t eat bananas.

Inspired by

Little things… sunlight coming through the window and lighting up a plant just right, coming out of a too cold building and getting into a hot car in the summer, new ideas, learning, people who are passionate and committed to something that makes the world better

Outraged by

Waste, greed, systems designed to exploit and oppress people for the benefit of a few, and people who leave one square of toilet paper on the roll so they don’t have to change it

Professional Affiliations/Accomplishments

Former Executive Director (2008-2015) of New York Harm Reduction Educators (NYHRE)

Vice Chair of Community Action for Social Justice (an SSP in Long Island, NY)

Holds a Bachelors degree in Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychology from Oberlin College

Extensive background in direct service, operations, and executive management with specializations in organizational development and restructuring, change management, strategic planning, and technology implementation