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Our Staff

Main Office Contacts

East Coast

Office: (212) 213-6376
Fax: (212) 213-6582
hrc [a] harmreduction.org

West Coast

Office: (510) 444-6969
Fax: (510) 444-6977
hrcwest [a] harmreduction.org

See staff list below (organized by department) for individual extensions.  Click names for bios.

Executive Leadership

Monique Tula
Executive Director
tula [a] harmreduction.org


J.K. Fowler
Director of Communications
fowler [a] harmreduction.org
CA (347) 844-0481


Carolina M. López
Deputy Director of Administration and Finance
lopez [@] harmreduction.org 
NY (212) 213-6376 ext. 42


Nancy Nwaifejokwu
Director of Development
nwaifejokwu [@] harmreduction.org

Faith in Harm Reduction

Erica Poellot, MSW, MDiv
Director of Faith and Community Partnerships
poellot [a] harmreduction.org
NY (212) 213-6376 ext. 18


Daniel Raymond
Deputy Director of Policy and Planning
raymond [a] harmreduction.org
NY (212) 213-6376 ext. 29

Jamie Favaro
Senior Advisor for Strategy and Special Projects
NY (212) 213-6376

Mike Selick, MSW
Hepatitis C Training and Policy Manager
selick [a] harmreduction.org
NY (212) 213-6376 ext. 36

Benjamin Phillips, MIPH
International Policy and Special Projects Coordinator
phillips [a] harmreduction.org
NY (212) 213-6376 ext. 33

Kiefer Paterson
Government Relations Manager
paterson [a] harmreduction.org
DC (313) 451-0817

Training & Capacity Building

Emma Roberts
Director of Capacity Building Services
roberts [a] harmreduction.org
NY (212) 213-6376 ext. 49

Taeko Frost
Western Regional Director
frost [@] harmreduction.org
CA (510) 764-3139

Joanna Berton Martinez, MPH
Senior Trainer/Curricula Writer
bertonmartinez [a] harmreduction.org

Tanagra Melgarejo, MSW
Capacity Building Services Manager
melgarejo [a] harmreduction.org
CA (787) 225-7944

Charles Hawthorne
Capacity Building Coordinator
hawthorne [a] harmreduction.org
CA: (317) 340-7935

Hiawatha Collins
Harm Reduction Community Mobilization Coordinator
collins [a] harmreduction.org
NY (212) 377-9122

Marissa Stiebel
Evaluation Coordinator
stiebel [a] harmreduction.org
NY (212) 213-6376 ext. 17

Kacey Byczek
Capacity Building Services Manager East
byczek [@] harmreduction.org
NY (212) 377-9116

Overdose Prevention & Drug Treatment

Kimberly Sue, MD, PhD
Medical Director
sue [@] harmreduction.org
NY (212) 213-6376

Eliza Wheeler, MA/MS
National Overdose Response Strategist   
wheeler [a] harmreduction.org
CA (510) 444-6969 ext. 16

Kristen Marshall
DOPE Project Manager
marshall [@] harmreduction.org
CA (628) 225-2801


Maria Chavez
National Conference Director
chavez [a] harmreduction.org
CA (510) 444-6969 ext. 15

Nicole Godreau
Community Engagement & Events Coordinator
godreau [a] harmreduction.org
CA (805) 946-0267

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