BUFFALO, NY: Ensuring Competencies for Hepatitis C Testing

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This one-day training will define the specific competencies that all staff who offer HCV screening should be able to carry out on a consistent basis in their work with clients. Participants will receive specific tools and resources to assist with meeting these competencies.  Through interactive role plays and real life examples, participants will practice delivering tailored information about Hepatitis C transmission, prevention, diagnosis, disease progression and treatment.  The training will include use of self-assessment tools to help participants build their competencies in all areas of HCV testing, including basic education about HCV, provision of test results, linkage to diagnostic testing, health care services and harm reduction messaging.

As a result of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Deliver accurate messages to clients about HCV transmission, prevention strategies, diagnosis, disease progression and availability of effective treatment;
  2. Explain the meaning of HCV test results and motivate all clients with a reactive result to follow-up with a medical provider for further diagnostic testing;
  3. Deliver tailored harm reduction messages to clients with reactive or non-reactive test results, including educating clients about syringe access options;
  4. Deliver accurate information about new, effective HCV treatment to dispel common myths and fears;
  5. Practice using Motivational interviewing to promote linkage and engagement in health care and other social services.

Prerequisite:  Knowledge of HCV information and completion of on-line training in Motivational Interviewing is required.

Audience: All health and human service providers.

Trainers: Sarah Deutsch

This training is FREE and will be held at The Evergreen Commons, 67 Prospect Ave., Buffalo, NY 14201

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