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Training Descriptions

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The Institute’s curricula continually evolve to reflect developments in practice.

We offer regularly scheduled trainings at our centers in New York, San Francisco and Oakland.

Trainings are also available as Contract Trainings for your agency, and can be tailored to your specific needs. Longer training sessions usually culminate in a strategy session to develop steps that your community or agency might take toward your chosen goals. Trainers are also available to deliver conference presentations or workshops. Some trainings are available in Spanish upon request.

We offer half-day (3-4 hrs) and full-day (6-7 hrs) trainings, as well as some trainings which can be tailored to a specific amount of time.

Training Topics

The following is a list of training topics that have been offered at our training institutes. Each calendar cycle we rotate trainings based on interest and trainer availability. We appreciate your feedback in designing our training calendars. If would like to see one of the trainings below offered in an upcoming training cycle, please email us.

We can only offer CASAC credits in the state of NY for specific trainings noted below.

Hepatitis C
  • African Americans & Hepatitis C
  • Alcohol & Hepatitis C
  • Complementary Treatment
  • HIV/HCV Coinfection & Use of Motivational Interviewing to Reduce Alcohol Use (NYS CASAC)
  • Hepatitis C & Active Users
  • Hepatitis C: A Practical Overview & Harm Reduction Strategies (NYS CASAC)
  • Hepatitis C Care & Treatment
  • Hepatitis C Overview for Case Managers
  • Hepatitis C Peer Education (Spanish)
  • Hepatitis C Pre/Post-Test Counseling
  • Hepatitis C Prevention
  • Hepatitis C Screening
  • Hepatitis Vaccinations
  • Integrating Hepatitis C for Outreach & Peer Programs
  • Mental Health Issues & Hepatitis C:  Working with HCV+ Drug Users (NYS CASAC)
  • Methadone & Hepatitis C
  • Peer Education
  • Support Groups
  • Building Strategic Alliances with Transgender Communities (Trans 101 and/or 102)
  • Homophobia & Heterosexism Awareness
  • Intimate Partner Violence in LGBT Communities of Color
  • LGBT Individuals & the Correctional System
  • Outreach to Male Sex Workers
  • Sex Without Condoms: A Harm Reduction Approach for Gay Men
Mental Health
  • Mental Health & Harm Reduction
  • Mourning, Loss & Addiction: Clinical Skills Building (NYS CASAC)
  • The Practice of Harm Reduction With Dually Diagnosed Clients: Substance Use & Mental Illness (NYS CASAC)
  • Working with Clients with a History of Trauma
Staff Development
  • Burnout Prevention, Self Care & Stress Management
  • Case Management (NYS CASAC)
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Group Facilitation Skills (NYS CASAC)
  • Harm Reduction Strategies for Supervisors
  • Professional Use of Self: Countertransference, Emphatic Stress & Burnout in a Harm Reduction Context (NYS CASAC)
  • Recognizing & Preventing Burnout
  • Supervision for Supervisors of Substance Using Clients (NYS CASAC)
Drug Use
  • Buprenorphine Education for Syringe Programs
  • Clinical Direction of Syringe Access
  • Club Drugs
  • HIV Meds & Street Drugs
  • IDUs for Non-IDUs
  • Medical Complications of Drug Use (NYS CASAC)
  • Methadone Management
  • Opioid Overdose Prevention (NYS CASAC)
  • Opioid Overdose Prevention – Training of Trainers
  • Opioid Overdose Prevention – Training of Facilitators
  • Outreach to Crack & Methamphetamine Users
  • Overview of Crystal Methamphetamine
  • Street Drugs, Prescription Pills, and Getting High
  • Syringe Access/Extended Syringe Access Program Overview
Criminal Justice
  • Coming Home: Supporting Former Prisoners Who Are Re-entering Our Communities
  • Discharge Planning, Social Service Delivery, & Cultural Competency
  • Geography of Crime & Punishment
  • Perpetual Punishment
  • Syringe Access Services & Law Enforcement
  • Wellness Disconnect: Mental Health Issues in the Criminal Justice System
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