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National Conference

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The 11th National Harm Reduction Conference will be held in San Diego, CA on November 3-6, 2016. The conference is the only multidisciplinary conference focused on improving the health of people who use drugs. Please see our 2016 conference website for more information.


The 10th National Harm Reduction Conference was held in Baltimore, MD on October 23-26, 2014. Thanks to everyone who made the conference a huge success.

Watch the opening plenaries from Michael Botticelli, the White House’s Director of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) and Kasia Malinowska-Sempruch, Director of the Global Drug Policy Program, Open Society Foundations.

See the Community Portraits, taken at the conference and read how we’ve taken the voice of the harm reduction community to the United Nations.


Harm Reduction Coalition’s biannual national harm reduction conference is the only multidisciplinary gathering dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people who use drugs or have a history of drug use. Our 2012 conference included more than 800 diverse individuals including: front-line staff, drug users, medical professionals, researchers, sex workers, policy-makers, HIV/AIDS & hepatitis service providers, activists & advocates, youth, formerly incarcerated individuals and other community members from around the country and the world.

Educational workshops, panel sessions and plenaries aim to address the many critical issues affecting the drug user community including overdose, HIV, hepatitis, incarceration and stigma, while also promoting a space for vital networking and sharing.

Graphic Recording

We were so fortunate to have an amazing graphic recorder – Avril Orloff – at our conference, capturing important themes, conversations, ideas, messages and history!

View the graphic recording posters here.
Message from Gil Kerlikowske, Director of the US Office of National Drug Control Policy

Gil Kerlikowske, Director of the US Office of National Drug Control Policy, gave a pre-recorded address to attendees to the 9th National Harm Reduction Conference. This is a big deal – not long ago, the US government wouldn’t even allow the words harm reduction to be spoken. Now, the Director of US ONDCP is “proactively supporting use of naloxone and needle exchange.”

Watch the address here!
PowerPoint Presentations

We know it can be difficult to make it to every session you’re interested in at our conference…that’s why we are still working to collect slides from as many presentations as possible to share here. If you presented at the conference and are willing to share your PowerPoint or PDF slides, please send them to publications@harmreduction.org.

Browse presentations here.
2012 Drug User Organizing Pre-Conference

The Drug User Organizing Pre-Conference was held on November 14, 2012, one day before the 9th National Harm Reduction Conference. Harm Reduction Coalition has traditionally held pre-conferences as a way of highlighting a particular issue and/or providing the local community with a dedicated forum to discuss issues pertinent to them. This year, the pre-conference was dedicated to a day of discussion and presentation on the theme of drug user organizing. The day’s events provided an opportunity for drug users and their organizations to gather in one place to discuss strategies and tactics to further protect the health and civil rights of people who use drugs.

Learn more about the pre-conference here.
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