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Oasis Clinic

Contact Information

Email:     info@oasisclinic.org
Web:       http://www.oasisclinic.org/
Phone:    510-834-5442

Street:     520 27th St
City:        Oakland
State:      CA

Program Information

Services Offered:  Support/Counseling. Drug Treatment. Hep C Treatment and Services, HIV services

How do you incorporate Harm Reduction principles & practices?

The primary mission of O.A.S.I.S. is to provide low-cost, subsidized medical care, clinical research studies, and to develop and provide educational materials for medically marginalized former or current drug and alcohol users. We serve a multi-ethnic community, approximately 1/3 of whom are medically uninsured or underinsured and over 50% of whom have substance abuse histories — including alcohol abuse — of greater than 20 years duration. Our hepatitis C treatment services are available to all persons, regardless of how they contracted hepatitis C.

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