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CABS Health Center

Contact Information
Name: Community Healthcare Network: CABS Health Center
Phone: (718) 388-0390
Email:  bzucker@chnnyc.org
Web: www.chnnyc.org

Street: 94-98 Manhattan Avenue
City:    Brooklyn
State:   NY
Zip:     11206

Program Information:

Community Healthcare Network (CHN) has Suboxone Integration and Opioid Overdose Prevention Programs in two of their Brooklyn clinics, Caribbean House Health Center in Crown Heights and CABS Health Center in Williamsburg.

Services Offered:

Suboxone maintenance or withdrawal services; individual counseling; group treatment, including Seeking Safety; Opioid Overdose Prevention training for patients and/or family members or friends and distribution of the Overdose Prevention Rescue Kits to those who complete the training; primary care and Behavioral Health services; extensive Wellness Program to support patients to change to healthier lifestyles (almost all services are free).

Hours:  9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday

Fees:  CHN never turns down a patient for lack of ability to pay for services. Most insurances are accepted and a sliding scale is available.

How do you incorporate Harm Reduction principles & practices?

Motivational Interviewing: focus reducing barriers to treatment and behaviors associated with opioid use that are destructive to health and create social problems; abstinence from all illicit substances is not required to be part of the Suboxone program, although improvements in health outcomes will be a factor. as well as discussions regarding drug use in other clinical modalities; provide treatment that is non-judgmental, respectful and works to lower stigma associated with drug use and, specifically opioid use, by educating all staff members about opioid use and Suboxone; training interested staff in Opiate Overdose Prevention

Side Note about Integrated Treatment

The Suboxone Integration and Opioid Overdose Prevention Programs are integrated into the primary care and Behavioral Health services at both clinics. This allows the healthcare providers to treat the multiple needs that patients with active substance use disorders often have, i.e. Hepatitis C, HIV, asthma, diabetes, poor dental hygiene, etc.  Co-location of these and other on-site healthcare services increase the opportunity for patients to improve their overall health and well-being.  CHN’s agency-wide promotion and utilization of the harm reduction model, allows the Opioid Overdose Prevention and Suboxone Integration Programs’ treatment teams to focus on reducing the barriers that perpetuate active drug use and result poor health outcomes.

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